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Mark S. Chitolie


Founder and Senior Tutor

I have over a decade of experience in tutoring a diverse range of students of various ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. In 2007 I set up 'A Class Tuition' to provide educational support for children with their academic studies. One of the core beliefs of 'A Class Tuition', is that all children regardless of ethnicity, class, religion or cultural background, should have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.


To meet this aim, I have worked with various organisations, supporting vulnerable children who have faced major challenges in life. I have worked with the children's charity Barnados, providing tuition for young carers who are part of their 'Indigo Project'. These young people are often the sole carer for a family member and have to deal with all the emotionally and physically aspects involved, as well as trying to study for exams. In addition, I have worked for the Vitrual School For Looked After Children. In this role, I worked in various schools throughout Oxfordshire providing one-to-one support to children who were currently protected by the care system. These young people were some of the most vulnerable members of society and have faced challenges most people would never face.


In addition to tutoring, I am also teaching within well-established college based in London. Prior to this, I have held two lecturing posts at two medical schools. I was a pre-med lecturer at International American University teaching Physiology, Biotechnology & Genetics, Cell Biology, General Biology and Inorganic Chemistry and a pre-med senior lecturer in Physiology for Spartan Health Sciences University.




A Class Tuition

Founder and Senior Tutor


CONEL - London

Lecturer in Chemistry, Biology, Physics & Maths

International American University - St Lucia

Lecturer in Physiology, Biotechnology & Genetics, Cell Biology, General Biology and Inorganic Chemistry.


Spartan Health Sciences University - St Lucia

Senior Lecturer in Physiology.


Virtual School For Looked After Children - Oxfordshire

Providing one-to-one tuition for young children protected by the care system.


Barnardo's Indigo Project

Providing one-to-one tuition for young carers.

Queen Mary's, University of London

B.Sc. (Hons.) Molecular Biology

Royal Holloway, University of London

M.Sc. Biological Sciences Research

University of Birmingham,

M.Phil. Physiology