Benefits of Online Tuition

Many people are initially skeptical about the idea of online tuition, with imagines in their head of tutors frantically typing, whilst students desperately try to keep up with all the online messages. Thankfully, online tuition has moved drastically away from the old days of online chat. It has become far more interactive with the use of high resolution webcams and forever increasing speeds of broadband internet connections.

Benefits of Online Tuition:

Furthermore, the whole learning experience has evolved and become far more advanced than the days of pen and paper. The use of PowerPoint presentations and onscreen visual aides, has helped to keep the students more engaged and makes the task of grasping complex concepts far easier.   In addition, the ability to share computer screens allows the tutor to post exam questions and write or draw directly onto the student's screen.

Other advantages of   online tuition  includes the convenience factor, allowing  students to work from anywhere they choose, without having to leave the comfort and safety of their home.

During the past two years, 'A Class Tuition' has switched all of its tuition across to the online platform and have found that all of the students who have tried the online method have preferred the experience.

At 'A Class Tuition', we are so confident that you will thoroughly enjoy and prefer the online method of tuition, that we are offering all new students a FREE non-obligatory session . So contact us  via our contact box, via email at or on 0333 567 0115 or 07519 412452.


N.B. Please note, optimum online tuition experience requires Skype software and a reasonably fast broadband internet connection.